Eyras Manor


Eyras Manor is the ancestral home of the Eyras family and is located in Starkhaven. After the elder Darius Eyras passed away the house passed into the hands of his son Issus Eyras. Issus Eyras however was staudying in the College of Magi in Cumberland so the property was tended to by the families manservant Hamdel.

Issus Eyras returned years later for a short time. There were mutterings of black magic and arcane rituals amongst the people of Starkhaven and many circumvented the dwelling if possible. One night screams and indecipherable ramblings were heard coming from the upstairs rooms before suddenly falling silent.

The house remained as such until a group of travelers forced their way inside. It is unclear what happened there, but soon after the house began to crumble and crush in upon itself before disappearing entirely with a loud thunder clap. Only the foundations remain today, and no-one dares set foot on the ground, fearing it is cursed.

Eyras Manor

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