While the capital of Nevarra is the city of the same name, Cumberland is its largest metropolis.

Standing on the shores of the Waking Sea and straddling the River Cumber, Cumberland is the natural port through which the greater bulk of the goods passing to and from the Free Marches flows. Almost anything can be bought and sold on the streets of Cumberland if you know where to look.

The roads of Cumberland are paved with well-chosen cobblestones, most worn smooth from the passage of countless feet. The streets are lined with well-made three-story buildings, scores of which are decorated with ornate facades. While some of the streets are narrow, especially those in the older portions of the city, most are spacious, the better to accommodate the passage of laden carts.

The Nevarran custom of venerating their heroic ancestors is most obviously expressed in Cumberland in the statues that fill the city’s open, airy courtyards. Most have been carved with great skill.

Built at great expense and with greater secrecy, the Sun Dome is a spired golden dome that rests atop the central building of the College of Magi. It dominates Cumberland’s skyline and is visible for miles when the sun shines. The College is the philosophical heart of the Circle of Magi. It is at the College that the First Enchanters of every Circle assemble to elect their Grand Enchanter, the mage who stands as the Circle of Magi’s representative to the Chantry, their advisor on the supernatural.

Diamond Lass
Lost Thaig
The Inkwell Tavern
The Broken Oar
The Golden College


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