Tabard of the Lost Death Knight

A faded tabard purported to belong to one of the mysterious Death Knights from beyong the Sea of Ash


Upon donning this tabard the character must make a TN 13 Constitution (Stamina) test. If they fail, they take 1d6 penetrating damage as the chill of the grave clutches at their body. This test must be made every time the tabard is donned.

The character gains +2 to Strength (Intimidation) tests while wearing the tabard.

The characters gear and weapons are considered magical for the purposes of attacking incorporeal creatures.


This tabard is charcoal black in colour, with a grey trim. The symbol emblazoned on the front, that of a warrior atop an armoured horse, appears to be faded at first. But upon closer inspection you can see that it has actually been designed in such a way as to appear half visible. Seeing your interest, Sazine quickly pipes up:

“Ah! A most curious item that one. It once belonged to a young man of the Order of the Knights Incorporeal, a knightly order tied to the undead wizards that dwell beyond the Sea of Ash. The man disappeared while in service to one of the powerful liches that make up the upper echelons of these so-called Death Knights. Seemingly it is not uncommon for such creatures to grow bored of their servants and dispose of them, however that doesn’t seem to have been the case here. Many think that he is one of the very few to ever escape servitude from the ghastly order!” Sazine grins at you. “That is the tale anyway, if you believe it.” he chuckles, “None the less, that is a very powerful item my friend.”

Tabard of the Lost Death Knight

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