An ice topped helm with the face of a wolf.


The metal of the helm is always warm to the touch.

The wearer gains +1 to Defense as well as a +2 to ability tests to overcome hazards related to cold.


This pitted iron helm features mountain peaks engraved across the crown and a full-face mask forged in the likeness of a snarling winter wolf.

“Ah,” Sazine begins, “That is called Snowcap. It was the helm of the fabled the dwarf reaver Thraine. It is said Thraine lead a reaving that wrested Gherlen’s Pass from a clan or Ogres at the time of the last blight.” Sazine gestures to the helm. “Go ahead, touch it. It’s always warm.” And sure enough it is. “Perfect for when you are trapsing through the snow in search of evil beasties, no?”


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