Firegeist Bracers

These blackened leather bracers are inscribed with intricate runes that glow with a faint orange light


These glowing bracers provide light in a 5 yard radius from the wearer. Unless adequately covered (with heavy wrappings or thick fabric) any character making a Perception (Seeing) test against the wearer of these bracers gains a +2 bonus to their roll.

A character wearing these bracers gains access to the following stunt:

Combustion: For 4 SP, you can cause the garments and equipment of a creature struck by your weapon to burst into flames. The creature takes an additional 1d6 penetrating damage each round until it passes a TN 11 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test to douse the flames as a major action.


An unusual sliver of some metal is worked into them and what looks like fire swirls and dances within the metal. Sazine lifts one of the bracers and holds it out for your inspection.

“Curious no? See how the fire dances and writhes within?” he waves his fingers in a flourish over the shining bracers. He leans close conspiratorially, “There is a true spirit of fire trapped within.” he says with a proud smirk. “But they are perfectly safe I assure you.” he chuckles slightly. “Well, safe for all but your enemies.”

Firegeist Bracers

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