Coiled Serpent

A seemingly mundane piece of jewelry


This bracelet can turn to a wand as a free action.

Any spells cast with the wand gain +1 to spellpower.

The wand can also function like a dagger, and grants the wielder access to the Poison stunt.
Poison:* As a special stunt for 2 or more SP, the wielder can poison the target of a melee attack that deals at least 1 damage point. When poisoned, a victim must make a TN 13 Constitution (Stamina) test at the beginning of each of his turns or suffer 1d3+1 penetrating damage that turn. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of stunt points spent.


This bronze bracelet is shaped like a serpent and would coil around the arm of the wearer quite comfortably.

Sazine gives a sly smile. “Handy when you want to go armed where others aren’t no? That smart little thing will jump to your hand at a moments notice.”

Coiled Serpent

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