Boots of the Primate

A pair of furry orange boots shaped like a primates foot


When these boots are put on they actual change the shape and bone structure of the wearer, giving them an opposable thumb on their foot. The wearer takes 1D6 penetrating damage when donning or removing these boots.

The boots grant the Dexterity (Climbing) focus if the wearer doesn’t already have it, and also grants another +2 bonus to any Dexterity (Climbing) tests made while wearing the boots.


You almost jump when you see what looks like severed monkey feet sitting amongst Sazine’s wares. On closer inspection they appear to be boots, though they are a rather obnoxious orange colour.

“Perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places!” Sazine chuckles. “These boots will allow you to swing and climb just like a little monkey, though there can be some… discomfort when first donning them. Ahem…”

Boots of the Primate

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