Issus Eyras

A powerful Blood Mage who means to return the Old Gods to the world


Issus Eyras grew up in his family home in Starkhaven before moving to the The Golden College when his magic manifested.

He studied here for a number of years and is said to have shown an unhealthy interest in the “forbidden school” of Blood Magic. Before measures could be taken to cull his fascination, he disappeared.

It was a number of years before he reappeared. He attacked the Autumn Falls tournament in Cumberland with the aid of a cult known as The Last Moon.

The party has since found signs of his involvement or interest in a number of locations, such as his former home, the village of Zaz’s Rest, and The Aeonar.

Eyras is trying to resurrect the old gods, the beings that grow to become the Archdemons that lead the blight. With the aid of Mother Brianna he now seeks the components needed to bring back Dumat, the first of the Old Gods. One of these he already has, in the body of The First Warden.

Issus Eyras

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