Adric Baranti

Womanizer, heir, and dilettante.


Adric is Bann Nicola Baranti’s only grandson. An accomplished warrior, he is also a handsome and charming womanizer who enjoyed the role of local celebrity in Denerim.

After the attack on Bann Nicola that nearly killed her, Adric took over her duties, effectively becoming head of House Baranti. The house has floundered since then with Adric doing little to ingratiate himself to the people of Denerim. Many sighted the imprisonment of Bann Nicola’s respected and loyal servant Captain Braedon as the nail in the coffin fro House Baranti.

Though Adric was in Denerim during the darkspawn siege, he has since managed to make his way to Cumberland and is thought to be trying to worm his way into the graces of some of Cumberland’s most powerful families.

Adric Baranti

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