Zaz's Rest


Zaz’s Rest is a small fishing and farming village that sits on the banks of the Minanter River, the great body of water that snakes it’s way across the Free Marches and through into Nevarra. The village is home to a little under 100 people with roughly 20% being made up of children and the other 80% fairly evenly spread between men and women. Buildings of the village are generally constructed from a mixture of wattle and daub, and thick wood.

The village survives on it’s export of fresh fish, animal furs and peat bog from the surrounding marshland and most of the men of the village are either fisherman or hunters. It has a small tavern which serves as an inn of sorts, with guests allowed to bed down in the common room once the tavern closes. There is no true blacksmith given the village does not have need of horse shoes, or any sort of metal armour. Most of the men of the village know enough to maintain there own weapons and tools and have no need of one.

Zaz’s Rest was home to some sort of unspeakable blood magic, or demon possession. Little is known of what truly happened there, but the entire village has been wiped out. Many blame the nearby Dalish clan that has taken up residence in the Arlathan Ruins. An investigation by The Seekers of Truth is thought to be underway.

Zaz's Rest

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