The Dragon's Den


The Dragon’s Den is a nickname that has stuck for a district in Cumberland where all the major merchant dealings happen in the city and is the city’s dwarven trade enclave. It is a walled-off area several blocks square and adjacent to the wealthy human neighborhoods. All the enclave’s buildings are made of stone and designed in the dwarven architectural style.

Though it has its share of stores and stalls the real business that occurs in the Dragon’s Den concerns trading rights and contracts that affect the balance of power and wealth across Nevarra and the Free Marches (and often beyond).

It has always seen its fair share of dwarves (who serve as a link between The Golden College and the lyrium traders in Orzammar) but in recent times that number has grown hugely. Dwarves from Orzammar and the recently rediscovered Kal-Sharok fight for contract and trading rights and there have been mutterings that the Carta have set up an operation in the district.

Legitimate business has become quite a dangerous pursuit in Cumberland these days, and the Dragon’s Den is beginning to live up to its name.

The Dragon's Den

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