The Broken Oar


The Broken Oar was an unremarkable tavern situated near the River Cumber, until it was nearly destroyed during the Autumn Falls tournament. An entire wall of the building was blown off when Qunari gatlock was planted in a furnace in the tavern’s secondary kitchen.

Now with the wall rebuilt and the rubble outside repurposed as seats and tables, the Broken Oar has become somewhat of a tourist destination and curiosity. It provides food and drink themed to reference the accident that took place, such as “Gatlock Fired Duck”, and “Pile of Rubble Crumble”.

The former barmaid Klera has taken over ownership of The Broken Oar after her employer Oktav Vogl was killed during the explosion. A plaque resides upon the wall that was rebuilt after the explosion to commemorate him.

The Broken Oar

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