A typical Avvarian settlement of the Frostbacks, Redhold is effectively a stone fortress sitting with its back to the sheer granite sides of a mountain. Most of the buildings visible from outside the walls are made of stone, with wood only an afterthought as a construction material. The forest has been cut back a hundred yards from the high rock walls that surround the village, leaving a hillside covered with moss and the first hints of spring flowers.

Redhold was besieged by an army of darkspawn months ago, but the horde was turned back when a group of adventurers allied with the Avvar to defend the settlement.

A number of the Avvar later allied with Arl Wulff, with Sithig serving as intermediary. Some of these Avvar now travel with the Arl as he tries to retake Ferelden. The fate of Redhold is unknown.


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