Lost Thaig


This thaig was accidentally unsealed years ago when the banks of the Cumber river flooded and dislodged a tumble of rocks and boulders. Water flooded through the cracks and washed into ancient dwarven halls, unfortunately washing away much of the history and clues that could have lead to discoveries as to the thaig’s history. The break lead into a thrown room, presumably the seat of one of the lost dwarven kings, and from there lead into a large city and on to the Deep Roads.

The entrance is located to the northwest of the city, hidden amongst a tangle of canals and pathways and blocked from view by numerous warehouses and industrial buildings. It was later sealed by the Grey Wardens to protect the city from potential darkspawn threats, and had lain dormant for dozens of years.

Now however it seems to be in the hands of the Carta, as they use it to transport illegal goods in and out of Cumberland unseen. The entrance way has been fitted with a false front to make it appear as a stone facade, but is in actuality a complex mechanical locking mechanism. Within there is more mechanical works such as clockwork locks and lifts, as well as a mining track which has been hammered into place in the ancient floors to facilitate swift transport of goods.

Lost Thaig

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