Logerswold exists almost entirely to support the logging industry that brings lumber out of Brecilian Forest and transports it west into the flat, open, tree-poor Bannorn.

Only a few dozen families—perhaps 200 souls—call Logerswold home. More Ruswold freeholders live in the surrounding area as farmers and craftsmen of various types. Although hardy Fereldans all, they are not a particularly martial people, and the recent outlaw attacks have devastated both their morale and their numbers (although, truth be told, their morale is in the worse shape of the two at the moment).

Logerswold buildings of note are the Sign of the Spreading Tree, which is the local alehouse; the compound belonging to Trewin the Logger, where most of the local industry is centered; and the local Chantry, where Sister Pliacinth tends to the community’s spiritual needs.


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