Bann Trumhall's Camp

As a recent transplant Bann Trumhall has only just begun building what he hopes will be a long-term holding in the area. His choice of site is good, a hillock that overlooks broad fields on every side, and near to fresh water. On one side of the hill, rocky ground provides both stone for permanent buildings and a defensible approach.

Although Trumhall has grand plans, there is no encircling wall of any kind built yet. Most “buildings” of the encampment are, for the moment, tents. One completed wooden building houses the relatively small number of retainers Trumhall can currently afford to employ. The fact that Trumhall has given more priority to housing his men than housing himself has been a major factor in the high morale among his followers.

Bann Trumhall himself lives in a campaign tent. It is well-made, has been partitioned into two different area—a sleeping room and an audience room—and contains plenty of sturdy wooden furniture.

There is a wooden pen for the encampment’s domestic animals, including a few cows, several goats, and a plethora of chickens. The bann’s followers tasked with maintaining the household live in a series of tents near this area.

During most days, there is much activity at the encampment. In addition to a crew of workers digging holes for the very beginnings of a palisade wall, servants take care of animals, haul supplies, and see to the household’s needs. In the evenings, a prudent number of the bann’s men stand guard and walk the encampment’s perimeter.

Bann Trumhall's Camp

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