Arlathan Ruins


These ancient ruins of the old Elvhenan empire are located deep within the woods along the banks of the Minanter River. The crumbled ruins are completely overgrown with plantlife and only a narrow passage allows entrance. Within the stone is crumbled and slick with damp, and many areas are flooded with thick, murky water.

The heart of the ruins contains one of the legendary Arlathan Elgar-Venedal, or Spirit-Trees. Elven mages of Arlathan were said to allow their bodies to die (similar to the Uthenera ritual) so that their spirit’s could become one with these trees and their knowledge and teachings could never be lost.

The ruins were rediscovered by Beheron, Keeper of Clan Lavellan, wherein he found an ancient spirit calling itself Na’revas.

After a conflict with the local village of Zaz’s Rest, clan Lavellan has now set up a camp in what was once the courtyard of the ruins. With the aid of Na’revas and under the direction of Beheron they plan to reclaim the place, and return it to its former glory.

Arlathan Ruins

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