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  • Aamor Fin

    Aamor Fin is a beautiful, ancient, lyrium-laced long sword of unknown providence. Her silver flame shines in darkness, but cannot ignite flammable objects and gives off no heat. Sometimes, very softly, she sings. _____________________ Aamor Fin …

  • Veridium Heavy Mail

    This is one of many similar armours crafted by the smiths of Cumberland. The craftsmanship allows for greater protection without a loss of mobility. It was gifted to [[:sifred | Sifred]] by the merchant [[:rainer-aehrenthal | Rainer Aehrenthal]] after …

  • Drakeskin Heavy Leather Armour

    This armour is made from genuine Drakeskin, interlaced with small veridium plates. Quite comfortable, but will turn a blade as well as any mail. This armour was a gift from [[:rainer-aehrenthal | Rainer Aehrenthal]].

  • Blackened Heartwood Staff

    This staff was shaped from the fallen branch of an old Heartwood tree deep in the Brecilian Forest. The branch had been sundered and split from the tree by a lightning bolt during a storm at the dawn of the Dragon Age. It is warm to the touch.