Tag: potion


  • Fen'harel's Kaddis

    A dark red clay pot with a large cork in its top catches your eye amongst the various oddities before you. Sazine pats the container and smiles. "I believe this may be of use to your hound over there." Sazine nods your mabari companion. "This is kaddis …

  • Potion of Fortune & Skill

    Your eyes drift over to a selection of vials and beakers with various coloured liquid within. This particular potion is a vibrant green in colour. "Ah, quite useful in a fight that. Sharpens the mind and body, allowing you to see opportunities you may …

  • Lyrium Potion

    This beaker glows with a bright blue colour, the misty liquid within swirling and writhing. "Where the previous potion is wood for the fire, this one here is akin to oil! You'll be flinging about fireballs in no time with that one!"