Tag: loot


  • Jeweled Dagger

    A finely crafted silver dagger with a jewelled crossguard and pommel. This dagger was found by [[:izzar | Izzar ]] in the camp of Waldric Gore-Hand near the village of [[Logerswold | Logerswold]].

  • Mortalitasi Mask

    The Mortalitasi are a group of mages in Nevarra who wield considerable political power and influence. Popularly referred to as "Death Mages", they are responsible for the mummification of the bodies of the Nevarran elite. This mask was "acquired" from …

  • Mortalitasi Tools

    This unfoldable case contains all the tools necessary for preparing a body for embalming and mummification.

  • Nevarran Burial Cloak

    This cloak was given to a Nevarran warrior by his opponent before they were set to battle to the death. Presumably intended to unnerve him, it did the opposite. With his mind at ease he easily dispatched his opponent with the cloak draped from his …