Storm's Breath

A spiraled hunting horn carved from a beasts tusk


Once per day the owner of the horn can influence the weather within 6 miles as per the Weather Weaving spell (Set 2 Player’s Guide page 71) by blowing a single clear blast from the horn.


A spiraled horn sits beside the Snowcap helm, and you can’t help feel the two belong together. Sazine sees your interest and smiles.

“That was also Thraine’s. A hunting horn of sorts. It is said Thraine clove this spiraled horn from the head of some great snow beast called a yeti, and ever after used it as his battle standard and personal hunting horn. " Sazine looks about his wares and shakes his head sadly. “It saddens me that I am without the full set of Thraine’s belongings. A great two-handed maul there was, one he wielded ferociously. The items call to each other. Rumour says that when brought together the three are quite a formidable set. Alas, for now, I shan’t know.”

Storm's Breath

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