Sifred's Dragonbone charm

A small charm of carved dragonbone in the likeness of a kraken, the symbol of the Gkimmar family.


Symbol of Faith for her Divine Gift talent

Dominion: Protection

This Dominion is concerned with the protection of the faithful and those in need, particularly from supernatural enemies.

Novice: Wielding a symbol of your faith, you can ward off its supernatural enemies, such as demons, undead, or evil spirits. So long as you take a major action each turn, any such enemies must roll a Willpower (Courage) test against your Zeal to approach or attack you or anyone adjacent to you.


When telling stories of the great Nevarran Dragon hunters (from which he claimed their family was descended) Sifred’s father would always draw out the charm from where it rested within his shirt and use it to punctuate points within the story. His reverence for the object and pride in the bravery of the men in those tales was always clear.
The charm came to epitomise strength and courage to Sifred- and family. When her mother died, and with her brother already in the College of Magi, her father gave the charm to her; telling her to think of the unfailing bravery of those long-dead ancestors when he was away at sea, of how their legacy survived, and of how they, and he, were always with her.
When she fled Cumberland she left the charm behind, unable to bear its weight.
After the events in Starkhaven, and before setting off to rescue her brother, she reclaimed it.

Sifred's Dragonbone charm

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