Nevarran Burial Cloak

A tattered old cloak that has seen a lifetime of death


+1 to Willpower (Self-Discipline) and Willpower (Faith) tests.

The wearer is silent as the grave. Any character trying to detect the wearer with a Perception (Hearing) test suffers a -2 penalty to their roll.

The wearer is completely hidden from the undead. They can move safely passed any undead creature and will go unnoticed unless they directly attack or interact with the creature.


This cloak was given to a Nevarran warrior by his opponent before they were set to battle to the death. Presumably intended to unnerve him, it did the opposite. With his mind at ease he easily dispatched his opponent with the cloak draped from his shoulders. He wore it in every battle thereafter so that no matter when his time came he would be properly adorned.

The cloaks time with the dead has granted it an usual quality. The cloak itself has attained the taint of the grave and anyone wearing it is completely overlooked by the undead.

Nevarran Burial Cloak

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