Fen'harel's Kaddis

A clay pot or enchanted war paint, named for the Elven trickstter god


This kaddis paint appears to be heavily enchanted and seems to have a different effect depending on how the symbols are drawn upon a mabari.

Hunter: This pattern allows the mabari to be camouflaged almost perfectly with his surroundings, similar to how a chameleon would go unnoticed. It provides a +4 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Trickster: This pattern causes those seeing the mabari to see something entirely different. The patterns can be altered so that the mabari appears as a canine of almost any kind, from a tiny terrier to a wolf. However the mabari’s actual size and statistics do not change so though they may appear as a small dog they would still not be able to fit into any smaller spaces. +4 bonus to Communication (Disguise)


A dark red clay pot with a large cork in its top catches your eye amongst the various oddities before you. Sazine pats the container and smiles.

“I believe this may be of use to your hound over there.” Sazine nods your mabari companion. “This is kaddis, typically used for protecting Mabari war hounds in combat. This one does not protect in battle however, this has more of a… deceptive bent to it.”

Fen'harel's Kaddis

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