A battle hardened war horse, gifted to Sifred Stormbringer for her victory in the Autumn Falls tournament


HP: 45
Speed: 17
Defence: 11
Armour: 5

Score Abilities(Focuses)
-3 Communication
4 Constitution (Stamina)
-3 Cunning
1 Dexterity (Kick)
-2 Magic
2 Perception (Hearing, Seeing)
5 Strength
1 Willpower (Courage)

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Kick +3 1D6 + Str (5)

Class Powers & Talents
Armour Training: Novice


The horse that would become Tordaro escaped his stables when they caught fire during an explosion that rocked the Autumn Falls tournament. He was badly burnt along his left flank before escaping but the healing of a Dalish elf spare him the worst of his injuries. Despite this, Tordaro carries a scar from the injuries.

Tordaro was left stabled in Starkhaven when Sifred went to investigate Issus Ayras’ family home. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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