A purebread Mabari war dog who's mind is a little too young for his frame


Speed: 14
Defence: 12
Armour: 0

Score Abilities(Focuses)
0 Communication
2 Constitution
1 Cunning
2 Dexterity (Bite)
-2 Magic
2 Perception (Smelling)
3 Strength
0 Willpower (Courage)

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Bite +4 1D6+2 + Str (3)

Class Powers & Talents
Mabari Vocabulary: The Mabari’s companion has come to understand the Mabari’s barks, yelps, and body language of his companion pretty well. If the hound wishes to convey a message to his companion he can “speak”. These sentences are limited to a number of words equal to Communication +2. The companion must pass a TN 10 Communication (Animal Handling) test to understand his hound.
Companion Commands: The Mabari can understand one word commands equal to his Cunning +3 (Come, Attack, Guard, Go). These can be accompanied by a single point or gesture to direct. He also can understand a number of advanced commands equal to Cunning (“Guard this entrance”, “Attack the Darkspawn”, “Howl if danger”, “Follow the trail”).
Growl: As a Minor Action, the mabari growls so fearsomely that one opponent within four yards must make a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test vs. the Mabari’s Strength (Intimidate) test or suffer a -2 to its Defense until the beginning of the mabari’s next turn.



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