Teegan Stonebrow

Teegan is a Dwarven Noble travelling to Denerim. For what reason she is not saying.


HP: 31
Speed: 11
Defence: 13
Armour: 4

Score Abilities(Focuses)
2 Communication(Deception)
0 Constitution
3 Cunning
3 Dexterity
0 Magic
2 Perception
2 Strength (Intimidation)
1 Willpower

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Crossbow +3 2D6+1
Katar +3 1D6+1

Growing up in the dwarven city of Orzamar, Teegan revelled in her position as a middle child in one the city’s noble households. As a middle child she had status without the responsabilities. She used this status to entutour herself to some of Orzamars best duelist and swordsmen. She would even sneack down to Dust Town and pay the rogues and cut purses to show her the ropes. She grew up fine and proper in the eyes of Orzamar society, but beneath all the pomp and ancient armour she was a deadly sneak thief with a penchant for the bladed gloves of a particular Duster street gang.

Teegan is the 3rd child and 1st daughter of Markann Stonebrow, patriarch of the House of Stonebrow. Markann’s great-great-great grandfather Tarkann established House Stonebrow as a major mining family becoming the city’s chief extractors of lyrium. With their monopoly on the magical mineral House Stonebrow’s influence grew over the centuries. The Chantry’s restriction of lyrium trading on the surface has always been a source of frustration for Stonebrow patriarchs, but Markann is a dwarf of cunning. Entrusting his daughter Teegan with his ambitions he sent her to the surface to investigate to merit of his scheme.

Teegan Stonebrow

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