Sithig Ar Muire O Redhold

A self-exiled Avvarian Hillsmen


Step 1: Five items that are essential about Sithig’s Background/Character

1. He is a member of the Redhold Clan, but exiled himself almost a year ago for a perceived failure of his duties.
2. He was involved in the protection of the Clan and it’s people, he often helped in the planning of defences and hunting.
3. He believes in honourable behaviour and sees a failure of one’s duties as a great shame.
4. While guarding a small caravan from Redhold he was attacked and knocked from a ledge by bandits, when he awoke he saw the caravan burning on the ledge above and could not find any survivors. When he returned to Redhold he packed his things and left in shame to redeem himself.
5. He has a brother Arcill ar Muire whom he looks up to, his brother left many years ago to find work during lean times, though he sends money home he has yet to return.

Step 2: Two goals.

1. Sithig wishes to redeem himself by fulfilling his duties to others, when Izzar offered him work he decided to take the job in an attempt redeem his failings in both Redhold and now with the caravan in which he was found.
2. Sithig wishes to find his brother Arcill and bring him home.

Step 3: Secrets

1. Sithig saw his brother Arcill during the attack on the caravan from Redhold, he thinks his brother may be with the bandits.
2. Sithig was not the only survivor that day, a trader who was tagging along with the caravan made it to their destination, this trader recognised Sithig’s brother as well, though he has yet to travel back to Redhold due to his injuries needing time to heal.

Step 4: People

1. Muire, Sithig’s mother, she is willing to do anything for her sons and begged Sithig not to take the caravan attack so hard. She lives in Redhold.
2. Arcill, Sithig’s brother, though now a bandit does not wish to see his family harmed, he is the one that knocked Sithig unconcious to keep him out of harms way.
3. The Merchant, recognised Sithig’s brother and believes Sithig to have been in league with the bandits as well.

Step 5:

1. Sithig remembers playing tag with his brother on the mountain paths as a young boy, this is where he learned to climb.
2. Sithig remembers seeing his brother just before falling down the ledge, he was framed by the flames of the caravan.
3. Sithig remembers coming out of the mountains for the first time, when he was a teenager, and being taken aback by the bustle of large towns and cities.

Sithig Ar Muire O Redhold

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