A warrior out of Nevarra come to Ferelden for her own reasons. Changed irrevocably by her experiences in Ferelden and beyond she sees now her role as being that of a Guardian and Protector to the party.


Speed: 11
Defence: 12(14 with shield)
Armour: 4(-1)

Score Abilities(Focuses)
2 Communication
2 Constitution
2 Cunning
2 Dexterity
-1 Magic
1 Perception (Tracking)
3 Strength (Might)
2 Willpower

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Bastard Sword +3 2D6+4
Longbow +2 1D6+4
Throwing Spear +3 1D6+6

Weapon Groups
Brawling, Heavy Blades, Bows, Spears

Class Powers & Talents
Armour Training (Novice): You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity.
Weapon & Shield Style (Novice): You can use shields of all shapes and sizes. You get the full Defense bonus when using a shield.
Archery Style (Novice): Your aim is true. When you take the aim action while using a bow or crossbow, you gain a +2 bonus on your attack roll instead of the usual +1.

Equipment & Money
Healing Kit (5 uses)
Arrows x 40
Rope (20 yards)
4 sp


1: concept and background
1. Hails from Cumberland, in Nevarra. The city sits at the mouth of the Minanter river and is a hub for trade with the Free Marches. As such young Sifred was exposed to the melting pot of cultures commonly found in port cities.
2. Her father was Quartermaster on the trading vessel Eavren’s Run, out of Cumberland, her brother a mage at the College of Magi in the city. Her mother died when she was twelve, so when her father was away she would stay with an elderly aunt of his, where she had more or less free rein to do as she would.
3. When she was a child her father, when he was home, would tell her stories of the legendary dragonhunters of Nevarra and a great grandfather who allegedly was part of the hunts, showing her a tiny charm (a kraken) he claimed was carved from dragonbone each time he told one of his tales. It was these stories that inspired her initially to take up swordplay.
4. Generally has a reasonably relaxed (almost forced, the observant might think) demeanour, forthright and good- (if dark) humoured. Is not quick to form attachments but is very loyal- especially when contracted. Although generally steady at times can be seized by a little recklessness, but not to the point where she would put anyone other than herself in danger.

2: goals
1. Screw over Agnietta Pentaghast somehow. Eventually, and preferably anonymously.

3: secrets
1. Sifred was involved in a tempestuous tryst with Raymun Pentaghast, one of the younger sons of the famous family.
As a member of what is, in essence, Nevarra’s ruling family, a political marriage was expected of Raymun. Sifred was content with the status quo, caring deeply for the man but conscious of his status and not expecting any commitment. In a fit of pique during a row over prospective matches with his mother Agnietta (an-yetta) Raymun revealed that he had no interest in marrying ‘some insipid caul-eyed breeding heifer’ purely to yet-further strengthen House Pentaghast, and that he had, in fact, a lover, and full intended to marry her at some point. After some further outraged arguing Agnietta, de facto ruler of this branch of the family, and usually completely intolerant of any challenge to her will, appeared to calm down. She ‘saw reason’, as Raymun later put it to Sifred, realising that the family was more than strong enough, and, with Raymun being the last in a string of brothers, all already shrewdly married or promised, would gain little from yet one more minor alliance. Taken aback (and, rather piqued herself at the sudden turn of events- she hadn’t even conceived of marrying) a more than nervous Sifred was brought to meet a cordial and courteous Agnietta, who inquired most graciously into her life, and seemed interested in even the smallest detail of her family. The woman counselled that, outside the family, the affair continued to be kept secret for a time, until the necessary preparations could be made. After a trying couple of weeks, fraught with many rows with Raymun as she pointed out that she had never actually agreed to marry him- mainly as he had never asked her- Sifred was almost relieved when Agnietta, finally sprung her trap, threatening Sifred’s family if she did not break off the relationship, revealing that she now had them watched constantly and could with a word end them. She had played along patiently long enough only to fool Raymun into thinking she had no part in its ending, that the girl had found the unknown pressures of a noble family and an impending public engagement too much and had left of her own volition. Sifred was to make this perfectly clear to Raymun when she ended the tryst. She did. Her family- as far as she is aware- know nothing of the relationship or the threats.

2. [REDACTED]* As soon as she was physically able she left Nevarra, and has not returned.

4: people tied to the character
1. Hilderic Gkimmar (kim-are): Sifred’s father. Quartermaster of the trading vessel Eavren’s Run, out of Nevarra. A tall, broad man, in good condition for middle years, sharing the same fair colouring as his daughter. He keeps his head shaved and wears a short beard and an eyepatch (!! awesome!Dad is awesome)- the latter a souvenir from some (ultimately failed) pirates.
2. Raymun Pentaghast: former lover and fiancé, and [REDACTED]**. Youngest son of one of the branches of the famous family of dragon hunters. A charming, dangerously handsome young man, with a constant and rather roguish smile, all beautiful lines and fine, strong features. Short, very tousle-able, impossibly dark hair, eyes dark enough almost to match, arched expressive brows, and an aquiline Roman (or Thedas’ equivalent!) nose. Always impeccably dressed, favouring darker colours, and tactile fabrics. Wilful, stubborn and argumentative when he doesn’t get his own way, but with enough good humour and endearing enthusiasm that any temper is usually forgiven. You know what, yes: think Ezio meets Dean. [/selfindulgence].
Has recently announced his engagement.
3. Hjeldric (h-yell-dric) Gkimmar: Sifred’s brother. A mage. Four years older than Sifred they are unmistakably related- both having the same fine pale blonde hair, eyes the blue of a winter sea, rangy build and strong, angular features.

5: memories
1. Standing in a museum in the heart of Cumberland, a grand testament to the dragonhunters, holding her father’s huge hand and looking up at a mounted dragon skull
2. Standing on the Lesser Bridge on the third anniversary of her mother’s death, looking across the Minanter to the soaring spires of the Golden College of Magi, burning golden in the dying light of the sun, and wondering in which tower her brother was.
3. Raymun’s lips, a scant breath from her own, soft and full and utterly mesmerising as they spoke soft, frenzied nothings, his hands everywhere, almost bruising in their ardour, her own twined tightly in his hair, pulling his head down roughly, the salt tang of the air still strong over the heady jasmine of the garden.

REDACTED 1: still not known to the party (except meta)
Secret: Some months later Sifred gave birth to a child- a boy. She believes him to be dead, but he is not.
When her condition first became clear to her Sifred was terrified, fearing what Agnietta would do were she to find out. She spent most of the next couple of months inside, not even wanting to be seen as she began to show, for fear of word getting back to the Pentaghasts. In the last few weeks of the pregnancy she was constantly and terribly ill, and became convinced that Agnietta had found out somehow and was having her poisoned. She went into labour a month early. The birth was long and difficult, Sifred barely conscious by the end of it. The baby was whisked away- stillborn, she was told. As soon as she was physically able she left Nevarra, and has not returned.

REDACTED 2: still not known to most of the part (except meta)
Raymun: Raymun Pentaghast: former lover and fiancé, and unknowing father to her son


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