Ralath of The Circle

A young elven mage hired for his arcane expertise.


HP: 22
MP: 17
Speed: 12
Defence: 12
Armour: 0

Score Abilities(Focuses)
2 Communication
1 Constitution
4 Cunning (Arcane Lore)
2 Dexterity
4 Magic
0 Perception
1 Strength
2 Willpower

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Arcane Lance +4 1D6+4

Weapon Groups
Brawling, Staves

Class Powers & Talents
Arcane Lance Mages learn to focus magical power through a staff or wand. If you are holding a quarterstaff or a wand, you can make a special ranged attack that damages foes with a lance of magical energy. This is resolved like a normal ranged attack (so stunts are possible), but the attack roll is a Magagic (Arcane Lance) test. An arcane lance has a range of 16 yards and inflicts 1d6 + Magagic damage. It requires no mana points to make this attack.
Magic Training: This is the most important of the mage’s powers. It allows a mage to cast the spells that are the hallmark
of the class. Magic training gives you three spells to start with, and you can gain more through talents and class powers.
Mana Points: You use mana to power your spells. You start with a number of mana points equal to 10 + Magagic + 1d6 and you gain Magagic + 1d6 more whenever you gain a new level. You must keep track of your current mana points; this is a measure of how much magical power is at your command at any given time. You spend mana points when you cast spells; you can regain them through rest and meditation.
Lore (Novice): You have studied hard. When you make a successful
Cunning test with a lore focus, the GM should give you an extra piece of information on the topic. A lore focus is any Cunning focus with the word “lore” in it, such as Cultural Lore or Historical Lore. The GM determines
the additional information and it may or may not be pertinent to the main question at hand.

Vulnerability Hex
Walking Bomb

Equipment & Money
Healing Kit (7 uses)
15 sp



Ralath of The Circle

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