A Senior Enchanter at the College of Magi in Cumberland


Raith was the resident mage of House Baranti until he was called back to the Golden College in Cumberland. He now holds the position of Senior Enchanter in the College, and often lectures on the healing arts, as wells as herbal and alchemical lore. Despite his skill at healing Raith is known to be a fearsome and destructive force in battle. He typically adorns himself in dark robes of blacks, golds, and reds, as well as heavy battle armour.

Whilst at the College he has taken a young mage named Bethany Hawke under his tutelage. Though he was reluctant to call her his ‘apprentice’ at first, the girl has proved to be a capable assistant as well as a powerful mage and now Raith is often heard referring to the girl as “my apprentice”.

Raith was recently attacked in his study in the tower and has been in ill health since.


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