Oranus The Scarlett

Buccaneer from the Free Marches


Oranus The Scarlett is a well known pirate, treasure hunter, and sometime businessman. He hails from the free marches but has spent much of his time traveling the length and breadth of Thedas.

He is the father of Shay of The Emerald Hood and mentor of Izzar de Tela.

Oranus was recently freed from the prisons of Denerim by Izzar after being presumed dead. He now resides in Cumberland and can usually be found in one of the many waterfront brothels by the docks when not sleeping off a hangover in The Inkwell Tavern.

Word has now reached Oranus that Bassan de Tela, Izzar’s brother and the murderer of his old friend Aivarz de Tela, means to come to Cumbrland to expand his merchant empire. Oranus will not let that happen.

Oranus The Scarlett

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