Kariel Hammerdawn

Kariel is a deputy Warden from the village of Vintiver.


Speed: 11
Defence: 14
Armour: 4(-1)

Score Abilities(Focuses)
0 Communication
3 Constitution
2 Cunning
2 Dexterity
0 Magic
0 Perception
2 Strength
3 Willpower(Courage, Self-Discipline)

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Maul +2 1D6+3
Longsword +2 2D6
Throwing Knife +2 1D6

Kariel originates not from Vintiver but Denerim. He moved to Vintiver to live with his uncle at the age of 15, to help him with his crops, when his uncle became too old to farm any longer he moved back to Denerim, selling the farm and leaving Kariel some money to establish himself. Kariel had been brought up with a strong sense of right and wrong as well as a will and determination to follow justice through. This lead to him joining the Vintiver guard as deputy to Master Dale.

Kariel’s family, including his brother Elgan, still live in Denerim to this day, and following the events in Vintiver he has decided to leave the village and return home.

Kariel Hammerdawn

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