Hjeldric Gkimmar

Apostate mage with power's not of this reality.


Hjeldric is brother to Sifred and the son of Hilderic Gkimmar. He is four years older than Sifred and they are unmistakably related – both having the same fine pale blonde hair, eyes the blue of a winter sea, rangy build and strong, angular features.

Hjledric is a mage, formerly of the Circle. He fled when he heard rumours of Sifred’s son (presumed dead) being alive and being held in The Aeonar. Hjledric brutally attacked the Templars who came looking for him, thus insuring his own imprisonment in The Aeonar.

Whilst there he set about searching for his nephew and unearthing the truth of what had happened. Unfortunately the asylum’s guardian, Daclaud Heinforth, was using his subjects as guinea pigs and Hjledric was tortured and experimented on. The process has given him access to some kind of magic not of this universe, with its basis found in the runes and tattoos etched into his flesh.

He later escaped The Aeonar with Sifred’s son when Sifred herself came looking for him. He has since disappeared, taking his nephew with him.

Hjeldric Gkimmar

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