Owner and proprietor of The Inkwell tavern in Cumberland


Grimm is the owner of The Inkwell Tavern in Cumberland. He has the typical gruff nature associated with many dwarves, but employs a number of pleasant staff in order to offer a welcoming atmosphere to his patrons.

Grimm is a former resident of Orzammar and often speaks of his ancestral home, shedding light on some of the lesser known nuances of dwarven culture for any interested to hear.

Though now a simple tavern owner, Grimm makes no secret of his violent past. A great notched hammer sits proudly above the bar, with a number of various other dwarven tools of war dotting the decor of the Well.

His apparent friendship with the Grey Warden Kilina have lead some to gossip about a relationship between the two. The truth of the matter is far more intriguing however, as it seems Grimm was previously a Warden himself. This is known by only a handful of people, and those that do know know better than to spread the truth around.


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