The First of Clan Lavellan and a practiced Spirit Healer


Charelia is the First of clan Lavellan, a Dalish clan that has settled in ancient Arlathan Ruins. Her dark hair falls in a braid to her waist and she wears a long coat of leather and fur. Her face bears the traditional markings of vallaslin , or Dalish blood writing.

She is a caring and kind woman, always aware of the emotions of those around her. She enlisted the aid of the party to help her find the clan’s Keeper Beheron when he went missing. She forged a friendship with the mage Aeden during that time, and taught him the basic principles of Spirit Healing.

Though she supports her people wholeheartedly, she feels great guilt at the loss of life in the village of Zaz’s Rest that settled the conflict between the two peoples. There is also a great unease in her at the appearance of the creature Na’revas, as she cannot get a sense of the spirits true motives.


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