Bassan de Tela


Bassan de Tela is the son of Aivarz de Tela, and is a powerful Antivan Merchant Prince with connections across much of Thedas. Bassan turned his father’s modest trading business into one of the most important trading companies in Antiva and across the Free Marches, and into Rivain. He is a powerful figure in Antiva and his influence is thought to rival the Capas of the Felicisima Armada.

Bassan’s brother Izzar was thought dead by many in Antiva until recently when word of his exploits reached the city. Excited murmurings and rumours whisper about unresolved issues between the brothers, but for now at least the two are most of a continent away from each other.

This may change however as Bassan has set his sights on Cumberland, believed to be Izzar’s current home, as the latest location for his growing trade network.

Bassan de Tela

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