Bann Trumhall

The new bann is dedicated to the protection of the Ruswold Valley.


Bann Trumhall is the current Bann of the Ruswold Valley.

Trumhalls rise to power has been swift. The freeholders of the Ruswold were quick to call for him to be the new bann after an heroic charge and rescue saw Trumhall and his men come to the timely rescue of a besieged farming family. His charismatic and dynamic personality made him the perfect candidate according to the freeholders and the people of Logerswold, who had grown tired of the cautious nature of the old bann, Bann Krole.

In his short reign Trumhall has done all he can to oust the bandits in the area but with limited resources he has sent out the call for heroes, adventurers and mercenaries to aid him in his protection of the Ruswold.

Bann Trumhall

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