Dragon Age - The Wandering Blades

Part 2 - The Village of Logerswold

You depart Bann Trumhall’s camp and head out for Logerswold to seek clues as to the whereabouts of Waldric Gore-Hand and his bandits.

Along the road you are met by two men, decalring themselves heralds of Bann Krole. They inform you that Bann Krole seeks an audience with you and offer to lead you to his manor. You respectfully decline but they insist. You then decline with weapons drawn and the men take the hint.

After this it takes you less than an hour to reach the village of Logerswold. Your mage Ralath seeks out the local chantry to declare his presence in Logerswold while the rest of you head for the local inn: The Sign of the Spreading Tree. Here you meet the bar owner Liwis who appears delighted to see you and thrilled with the prospect of you clearing the region of the bandit plight. He speaks to you briefly before going about his work. Whilst this is going on Tobbin finds some company with the waitress Dealia and she spends her lunch hour locked away with him.

With Tobbin occupied the rest of your group goes to meet with the head of the logging industy in Logerswold, Trewin. By all accounts the man is a kind and caring man with a sharp mind for business affairs. With the inability of his men to work he has opened his premises to those from the surrounding countryside who would seek refuge within the bounderies of Logerswold’s meager walls. As well as this he also pleaded with his men not to return to their work, but they headed out to the forest of their own accord. He asks you to find out what you can and offers a hand sketched map detailing the typical trails and routes his men use to get to and from the logging encampement.

Having found out much within Logerswold you head back to th inn where you can all regroup (Tobbin with a broad smirk on his face). As you discuss your plans, the door bursts open and the stablehand Ridyk bellows that the wagons are under attack.

You run from the inn and head back to the crossroads as quick as possibleSer Garlyn duRoi falls behind, seemingly having come down with food poisioning from the stew at Camp Trumhall. As Ser Garlyn lags behind, Sifred sprints ahead and is the first on the scene.

You find the two caravans peppered with arrows and with the last surviving horse screaming in pain. Sifred puts the horse out of it’s misery, but just as the rest of you catch up a hail of arrows descends upon you. A frantic battle ensues with no less than eight bandits assaulting you from the treeline. You do your best to take cover behind the toppled wagons but things look grim. Ralath falls once only to be aided by Izzar, before you all gather for a charge at the left flank. As everyone save Ralath charges the bandits on one flank, the mage is left on his own. Unholy accuracy from the bandits see Ralath fall again, this time with no aid in sight. A single bandit strides forward to the lone mage, a wicked grin on his face. Breathing heavily and struglling to move, Ralath does the only thing he can: he casts one last spell on himself. At his death, his own body explodes from the inside in a wave of magical energy coating the surrounding area in sickly red, sending the caravans careening away and slaying the bandit that meant to have Ralath’s head.

The rest of you, Tobbin, Sifred and Izzar return to the horrifying sight of your ally’s innards scattered across twenty feet of land with entrails hanging from the trees.



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