Dragon Age - The Wandering Blades

Return to Cumberland

The Siren’s Call pulls free of the docks and carries you away from Ferelden, leaving Denerim burning at your back. You have no idea what the fall of Denerim might mean for Ferelden or Thedas on the whole, but for now you are simply happy to be alive.

The people you have rescued and Captain Isabella’s make-shift crew fall into a routine over the next few days, the sailors keeping the ship safe and steering it along its course, and the villagers from Denerim being of what use they can cleaning and cooking. Oranus spends his days about the ship drinking away the supplies of liquor aboard ship.

Those of you who are so inclined help out where you can, but there is palpable tension within the group. Izzar’s sudden disappearance during the heat of battle has left some of the group wounded, Sifred in particular. Aedan spends much of the trip close-by his sister and mother, keeping a watchful eye on them. Despite the tension, the days go on without incident.

After a number of days Aedan receives a message from a weak and sickly seeming Raith, warning him that travel to Kirkwall would be unwise. He tells Aedan that you should make for Cumberland if possible and that he will meet you there at an inn called “The Inkwell”. Raith also informs you that you have been missing for three months. Aedan gathers your group soon after and informs you of what he has learned and you decide to bring the information to Isabella. Reluctantly Isabella agrees to bring you to Cumberland and orders the course change.

It takes another fortnight or so but when you awake one morning to see the city of Cumberland on the horizon you find yourself elated with the prospect of setting foot on solid ground once more. Thorog seems particularly excited and spends the morning standing at the prow of the ship with a happy doggy grin on his face and his tongue flapping in the wind.

Siren’s Call moors at the docks by the afternoon and you step onto a bustling promenade filled with traders, sailors, whores, travelers, refugees and all manner of people. Sifred takes her leave of the group, saying she will catch up with them, and goes to check for any word of her father’s ship, Eavren’s Run. The rest of the party goes about inquiring after homes for their loved ones, or seeking information on the current goings on.

That evening your group meets up at The Inkwell tavern and are greeted by the owner and proprietor, a dwarf named Grimm. He tells you to have a seat, and that Raith should be in in the evening, as he has been for the last few evenings. As the Inkwell begins to fill up, Raith enters with a young woman. He appears to be either wounded or sick: he leans heavily on his staff and holds the girls arm for extra support, and he is not wearing the armour you are accustomed to seeing on him. The girl has dark hair and wears robes of the Circle. Raith introduces her as Bethany.

Raith greets you warmly and begins to fill you in on what has been happening:

After you entered the Eyras family home he presumed you missing or killed. The Starkhaven guards however thought that you had fled the city and now think you murderers. The person or thing that has been tearing out the throats of people attacked Raith in the tower, but he managed to survive. However there is some kind of sickness spreading through Starkhaven and Raith believes that this man who attacked him is the perpetrator. He also fears that the sickness has come to Cumberland.

Finally Raith informs you of the most pressing reason for the meeting: he has found Sifred’s brother Hjeldric. He is being held captive at the Aenor, a mage prison.

Raith says that he has a plan, one that he himself considers a bad idea: You are to go to the Aenor disguised as a delegation from the Circle in Cumberland. Once inside you can find Hjeldric and make your escape.

After thinking this through for a while, you agree. Raith tells you that Grimm will put your families up in the tavern for now, and they can even work there if they wish. He also says he has prepared the armour and robes you will need to complete the ruse, as well as an abridged dossier on rules and practices. Unfortunately, you will have to leave Thorog behind.

You decide to take a few days to rest and prepare. Raith tells you your ship will be waiting in the docks. Its name? Mercy.



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