Dragon Age - The Wandering Blades

Part 1 - Charged With the Task

You’ve been traveling together across open Fereldan countryside for some days. You’ve heard news that the bann who protects the Ruswold Valley needs keen eyes and strong swords to deal with some threat that has emerged from Brecilian Forest of late. You’ve just entered the Ruswold proper, but it seems clear that you will not arrive in the local village tonight no matter how hard you press on, so you’ve stopped to make camp on a hillock next to the main road.

You set out your camp and are ready to turn in when you are greeted with 3 guests to your camp. Things escalate and as a matter of honour one of the men challenges Tobbin to a duel. The returning Izzar with the fresh corpse of a tiny rabbit still in his hands returns the challenge to the man.

A wild and crazed swing from Tobbin ends the duel at it’s first hit. Izzar is not as lucky in his duel: the two face off briefly but Izzar is nicked painfully on the side of the thigh and the duel is over. An apology is given and the three men set off on their way.

The next day you encounter 5 heavily armed mounted warriors on the road to Logerswold. After declaring yourself ‘missionaries’ the commander of the group, not being a fool, deduces your purpose: You’re here to aid the Bann in his battle with the bandits. With this cleared up the man, introducing himself as Ulrich, leads you to Bann Trumhall’s camp.

There you meet Bann Trumhall and his companion: A smokey white Mabari by the name of Blacktail. After introductions and drinks are offered Trumhall tells you of the troubles in the area: The nefarious bandit Waldric Gore-Hand is the leader of the bandits that plague the Ruswold. Trumhall is stretched to his limit and cannot afford to send his men out into the woods. This is where you come in. Trumhall cannot offer much in the way of payment, but you are welcome to the loot you find on the bandits and within their camp. With a little bargaining you are promised Bann Trumhall will “do what he can” to procure riding horses for your party.

With the deal made you set off for Logerswold to seek information and supplies before beginning your hunt.



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